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Q.I have a current website with ekmpowershop, how can I transfer to you.

A.Firstly you or us need to repoint your domain name to our server. Depending how you have registered your domain name may require transferring your domain to another registrar.Secondly you can export your products and save them as .csv file. We can then import them through our product import feature.

Q.Why is the website only hosted on your server?

A.The website is hosted on our server because it uses a centralised admin system. By it being centralised we can manage it and keep it working as it should do. This in turn makes sure the site functions as it should even when there is an array of different browsers being launched constantly.

Q.Do you provide wordpress websites?

A. Wordpress is its own website admin platform. We found it is far too complicated for most businesses to learn and manage. Our admin platform is intuitive and very easy to use.

Q. Why is your web design price cheap compared to other web design agencies.

A. We are very transparent with our pricing. 2500 would be the price we would charge if we originated the site from scratch. Because we are re using our admin system we can pass the savings onto our customers. Not all agencies do this!

Q.Why do you charge 75 to supply the designed logo

A.This goes towards some of the time it will have taken us to design in the first place. Once paid for you own the logo and can use as many times as you like.

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